Lands Minister Takes Land Management Engagement to Bonthe

MOLHCP, Saturday April 17 2021:- In a bid to ensure and enhance the effective and efficient management of land in Sierra Leone, the Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, Dr. Turad Senesie today held fruitful discussions with the people of Mano Koiganya in the Nongorba Bullom Chiefdom, Bonthe District.

The Paramount Chief, Kabakaba Tucker, on behalf of his people, welcome the Minister to the Chiefdom, while disclosing that the visit marks the first time in decades for a sitting government minister to visit the chiefdom on a market day.

According to him, it is out of great respect that the Minister decided to visit the chiefdom and identify himself with the people in one of the most neglected chiefdoms.

Agricultural potential and fishing are the leading economic activities in the chiefdom for which Saturday is a market day, attracting business people from all over Sierra Leone.

In his response, Minister Turad Senesie informed the gathering that H.E. the President Dr. Julius Maada Bio believes in appropriate land administration and management to support large scale farming and Industrialisation.

He emphasised that land utilisation across the country is far below the average and serves as a major factor for the backwardness and poor state of affairs in Sierra Leone.

He cited the vast bollylands spanning over 200,000 hectares on his way to the chiefdom which, he said, is enough to feed Sierra Leone and export to other countries.

“Unfortunately, we have not utilised this stretch of land to enjoy its potential,” he asserted, while blaming the nation’s adverse land tenure system that frustrates agricultural investment.

The Minister disclosed that the time to review land laws to reflect policies that will benefit Sierra Leonean investors, the local community and landholding families is now, while urging stakeholders to support the process.

“The Bio government is committed to the review of laws that will ensure the effective and efficient utilisation of land across the country,” the Minister said.

Earlier, the Minister shared a similar message with stakeholders in Bo and Kenema Districts as part of his maiden regional tour.

Dr. Turad Senesie was accompanied by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, Mr. Gilbert Cooper who hails from the Chiefdom.

In his remarks, Mr. Gilbert Cooper said the fact that the president’s disciples are even working on weekends to actualise the ‘new direction’ vision is a sign of a serious government that prioritises human capital development.

He called on his people to put all hands on deck in supporting the government in achieving its plans for the appropriate utilisation of land across the country.

The chiefdom people took the minister on a conducted tour of rice farm lands in that part of the country.

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