The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning (MLHCP)

Statutory Mandate

The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning (MLHCP) is mandated to effectively and sustainably manage and administer the most important natural asset of this country, the land resource, and to facilitate equitable access to and control over land within the context of food security, poverty alleviation, housing provision and economic growth.

The Government of Sierra Leone, in its New Direction Agenda (PRSP IIII), recognizes the strategic importance of land resource in creating national economic growth and prosperity, as well as its potential for creating conflict and social inequalities. Therefore, the Government has set as a priority the sustainable management and optimal utilization of country’s environment and natural resources, which include effective land management, and land use planning in its drive to attain a green middle-income status by 2035.

The Ministry formulates appropriate policies/legislation on land management and administration that promote sustainable management of the environment, and effective land use planning.

The ultimate goal of the ministry, as reflected in its Mission Statement, is to administer effectual policies for land use which contribute to overall socio-economic development. These objectives are vital considering the issue of rural–urban migration and its attendant social, economic and political challenges.

Mission & Vision


Contribute to poverty alleviation, food security, environmental sustainability and enhance economic development, through effective land management and administration to enhance a balanced pattern of urbanization and affordable housing for sustainable development in Sierra Leone.


A liveable, well-integrated and competitive nation, in which economic growth is inclusive, and urban development is resilient and sustainable with secure tenure of land and housing.

Strategic Policy Development Objectives

The policy objectives of the Ministry are to: –

  • Enhance land tenure security through effective land management and administration;
  • Promote optimal land use planning of towns and cities and control rapid growth of spontaneous informal urban settlements;
  • Promote the effective practice that will integrate economic growth, sustainable social development and environmental management;
  • Provide policy direction and guidance for effective planning, sound environmental protection, and land management;
  • Improve the geodetic and topographic activities in the country through Geographic Information System (GIS) applications and Global Positioning System (GPS);
  • Create and increase public awareness on land management issues as well as development control measures;
  • Incorporate Environment Management principles into Planning, Land Management & Housing Construction;
  • Achievement of an equitable system of land distribution.
  • Reduce land disputes and conflicts in the land sector.
  • Collaboration with chiefs and tribal headmen for effective land use and management patterns.
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